Rental Criteria and Application is the exclusive agent and representative of our property owners and does not, in any respect, have any fiduciary or agency responsibilities to the applicant. All federal, state, and local laws are followed and each application is processed without regard to the race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, national origin, sexual orientation or gender identity. Our team of professionals are regularly trained and educated on the latest local, state and federal statutes pertaining to rental regulations.

We are very thorough with our screening process and will never let an urgency to rent diminish our screening requirements. Screening tenants is the most important preventative service we can provide. A problem resident can be costly.  No background check can entirely eliminate risk, but we have designed an extensive screening process that significantly lowers the possibility of complications with future residences. 

All applications must meet our rental policy requirements. Each applicant 18 years of age and older must complete a separate application and pay the application fee of $50, which is non-refundable. Our team will save all approved application for 30 days to be used for available vacant rental units during that time period.

Each application must be complete, signed and fee paid before processed. Applications are processed in the order received. Additional applications will continue to be accepted until the approved applicant has a signed executed lease and paid the security deposit. Processing normally is completed within 24 hours; however it can take longer if red flags or complication arises such as difficulties contacting your past landlords or employment history. A copy of applicant’s driver’s license or other federal issued ID is required and will become part of the completed application. All information on a application is subject to verification. Applications will be denied if any given information is falsified. 


verifiable gross income

Our income requirement is a minimum of three times (3 times) the rent charged on the residence, locally. We do not accept Section 8 vouchers. Employment and income must be verifiable by property manager.

payments & security deposits rents are based on current market conditions and instructions from the property owner. All payments will only be accepted online. The security deposit amount varies from property to property and must be paid with 24 hours of executed lease and/or prior to move in scheduled.

Rental history

Applicant must have good rental references for 6-months or more within the last 18- months unless applicant has just sold their home. Relatives are not acceptable as rental references. Application may be denied for any of the following items;

·  Any eviction, filed or granted, within the past 10 years 

·  History of any damage to the residence, or an outstanding balance due to a previous landlord.

·  If there is money owed to a property management company, it must be paid in full & a receipt presented. If the money is not paid in full, applicant is automatically denied.

·  If there is money owed to a utility company or property management company, it must be paid in full & a receipt presented. If the money is not paid in full, applicant is automatically denied.

·  If you have no prior rental history then you may be asked to provide a qualified co-signer. The cosigner must fill out our application, have a credit score of 650 or higher, verifiable income of at least 3 times the rental amount, and be willing to sign the lease.

pet policy

If the property owner agrees to allow a pet, applicants will pay an additional pet deposit usually around $500 non-refundable. Pets must be at least one year of age, puppies and kittens are prohibited. Barnyard animals, reptiles, rodents, and misc. mammals are also prohibited. Baby-sitting or care taking of any other person(s) animals or pets is prohibited.

service or companion animals

Service or companion animals will always be accepted, provided documentation is submitted. A pet deposit will not be charged for a service or companion animal. Documentation will be required at time of application. All provided documentation needs to be submitted on professional letterhead and include the license number of your health care provider.


credit history

All information showing on the credit report is subject to verification, including previous address and place of employment. To ensure that all applicants are treated the same, uses the following credit criteria;

· 600+ - meets income, has no evictions, rental history and has a clean criminal background. 

· 550-599 - if applicant has: good rental history, meets income, has no evictions, has a clean criminal background, ok to approve w/no contingencies *If no rental history is verifiable then co-signer is required or an additional deposit.

· 500-549- if applicant has: good rental history, no evictions, meets income, criminal background clean with a co-signer and/or additional deposit equal to 1 month rent is required.

· 500 and under - Denied


criminal history

A criminal record verification is made on all persons over the age of 18 who will occupy the property. Cause for the application to be rejected includes but not limited to the following; First or Second Degree Murder, First through Third Degree Assault, Sexual Mis-Conduct, Registered Sex Offender, Arson, Harassment and Stalking, Second Degree Manslaughter, Criminal Vehicular Homicide or Injury, Simple or Aggravated battery, Any Felony Drug or Narcotics Convictions, False Imprisonment, Any weapons charge or failure to carry without a permit, Felony Theft, Felony Forgery, Felony DUI, Felony Burglary.