How 3 Major Developments Will Change the Valley

Keeping up with all the new developments in the Treasure Valley can be an impossible chore. Everyday, new proposals are heard, and sprawling construction projects get off the ground. The face of the Valley is changing to the mixed opinions of its residents, but for property managers and tenants alike, each new development represents new opportunities.

Three developments, in varying stages of completion, will most significantly alter the region due to their sheer scale. In the years to come, Boise Hunter and CBH Homes plan to add thousands of homes to the tight, pricey Treasure Valley housing market with their Dry Creek Ranch, Locale/Syringa Valley, and Springhill developments.

Projects like these do not come without controversy, however. A recent KTVB survey found that the majority of those questioned said they would support slowing land development even if less economic growth was the result. This is an attitude reflected in the opposition to projects like Dry Creek Ranch, which protesters say will fragment wildlife habitat and endanger the ecosystem of the foothills.

But housing developments like Dry Creek Ranch or those proposed by CBH Homes would also create more supply in a market that has priced out many would-be home owners with little availability and less affordability.

The Boise metropolitan area faces many challenges that come with change. To prepare, the first thing any property manager or resident can do is be aware of what’s coming.

Here are the details on the Valley’s biggest projects:

Dry Creek Ranch

This 1,800-home project by Boise Hunter Homes is set to span an unincorporated area of Ada County. Dry Creek Ranch has already been approved for the first 1,100 of the proposed units and seeks to counter some protests by dedicating 48% of the land to “open space.” As phase 2 of the project awaits a hearing from the Planning and Zoning Board, protest group Save Dry Creek is also campaigning to preserve the natural wildlife habitat of the Dry Creek area.

·       1,800 new homes

·       First 1,100 units already approved

·       Combination of single and multi-family constructions

·       Plots include open space and farmland

·       Near Highway 55 and Beacon Light Road

Locale/Syringa Valley

Despite having recently lost its Better Business Bureau accreditation, construction juggernaut CBH Homes is hard at work on multiple, sprawling developments. A 2,000-unit mixed-use development called Locale, formerly Syringa Valley, is being built in South Boise. This massive combination of commercial and residential land will feature parks, pools, and walking paths, as well as sites for future schools.

·       2,000 new homes

·       Under construction

·       Commercial and residential lots

·       Includes parks, pools, and paths

·       Located in South Boise around Lake Hazel between Orchard and Cole


As Builder Magazine’s 37th biggest home builder in the US, it may not come as a surprise that CBH Homes is overseeing two of the Treasure Valley’s largest additions. Springhill is a subdivision in South Meridian and Kuna that will feature over 650 home units, with current listing prices starting at $249,590. The subdivision will also feature a community pool, walking paths, and proximity to the site of Kuna School District’s future career technical high school.

·       650+ new homes

·       Convenient access to freeway and major roads

·       Homes starting at $249,590

·       Proximity to future technical high school

208 Community

The Boise region is expanding for good or ill with new and diverse communities under construction all the time. Dry Creek Ranch, Locale, and Springhill represent some of the change to come as well as the issues that come with change. For the Treasure Valley community, would you take a slowdown of land development even if it meant less economic growth? What does all this change mean to you? Is it all bad? Please share your thoughts, comments, and experiences with on social media: we can’t wait to hear from you. Thank you.