Boise plans to transform housing: How property managers can help

Housing in the Treasure Valley is a complex issue. As rapid growth breaks housing price records once again in Ada County, actual home sale numbers are falling. The shortage of affordable homes is leading Boise citizens and legislators to work together on initiatives that keep Boise livable for everyone, and property managers can help.

Boise’s plans to transform housing

Through these unique planning strategies adopted by the City Council, Boise strives for a thriving community that grows comfortably with a directed allocation of resources. Grow Our Housing is a strategy implemented by the city that focuses on housing needs specifically, while the Energize Our Neighborhoods collaboration highlights community building and livability.

Here are the details:

Grow Our Housing

Strives for:

·       Density

·       Accessibility

·       Affordability

The City of Boise’s Grow Our Housing plan includes four strategies to make Boise a community of compact housing for higher density over expansion into rural land, accessible transportation both public and pedestrian, and an affordable place for citizens of all demographics.

These four strategies are:

1.     Establishing a trust for residential land

2.     Aligning public and private funding

3.     Expanding housing initiative programs

4.     Maximizing land use allowances

By implementing these strategies, the city hopes to increase construction and grow the industry while closing the gap on affordable housing. They have seen some success in maximizing land use allowances already through the recent decrease on limitations to accessory dwelling units, but the debate between density versus expansion remains an issue for many in the area.

Energize Our Neighborhoods

Strives for:

·       Community

·       Livability

·       Capacity

Energize Our Neighborhoods is a collaborative effort by Boise neighborhoods to improve livability while connecting and expanding the community with comprehensive measures. This program has organized many community events and provides resources to neighborhoods for city services, such as a reservable supply trailer for a block party and all the information you need to engage with the community.

How Property Managers Can Help

Contributing to the Grow Our Housing and Energize Our Neighborhoods strategies should be a priority for community property managers, as Boise needs to grow comfortable to maintain its standards of livability and continuing attracting residents.

Here are 3 ways property managers can help:

Spread the word

Grow Our Housing and Energize Our Neighborhoods offer plenty of information that residents might find valuable and informative. Wherever possible, show the community you care by giving them the resources to engage in public forums about the issues that are important to them. Owners as well will want to know how they can help maximize the livability in Boise and increase the desirability of their properties in ways that grow value, and Grow Our Housing offers plenty of strategies that property owners will want to get involved in and help bring to fruition.

Host community events

Energize Our Neighborhoods provides resources for getting the community engaged in fun and safe activities. Property managers can show their residents they care about the community while spreading their own brand to the neighborhood in a memorable way.

Increase accessibility

Wherever possible, owners and property managers can increase the accessibility of properties by accepting Section 8 housing vouchers and other low-income resident programs. These programs guarantee a monthly payment and allow for affordability even in a competitive market. They also screen out potential tenants with criminal pasts or negative reviews from previous landlords.

Boise’s growth is a challenge that affects everyone from tenants to property managers to owners, and assisting city programs to efficiently manage that growth benefits everyone. Property managers can help spread the word, host community get-togethers, and increase the accessibility of affordable properties to better the community and their own public trust and awareness.

208 Community

What do you think are the best strategies the City of Boise can employ to manage growth effectively? How can property managers help beyond the strategies mentioned here? What do you think is better for the Treasure Valley: density or expansion? Find on social media to share your thoughts, experiences, and opinions with managing Boise’s growth and the city’s plans to increase efficiency. Thank you.