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The founders of 208.properties have the same appreciation and respect for home ownership and renting, even though they came from different backgrounds. Rollin and Kevin started their business partnership with the creation of Hawk-Hansen Properties, which operates and manages all their real estate holdings to include 208.properties.  Since then they have expand their real estate services by adding r.Lee Construction, H2 Realty, J2H Capital, 2HB Investments, 208.media, and Boise Postal Plus.  The collaboration of the businesses allows them to provide a turnkey experience for their real estate investors and home owners. 

The Hansen family in graffiti alley. Rollin is pictured with his son Everett and daughter Violet

The Hansen family in graffiti alley. Rollin is pictured with his son Everett and daughter Violet

Rollin hansen

CEO, founding partner

Rollin spent his younger years fixing up homes and selling them with his mother, while moving around the pacific northwest. After graduating high school, Rollin joined the military where he served eight years, all the while having to rent at a different location almost annually.

Rollin eventually transitioned out of the military to begin a career in finance, where he found himself traveling around the United States. During these times Rollin noticed one commonality, no matter where they moved, there was always a property management company to deal with.

Rollin's career in finance began as a Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch.  Rollin quickly understood and appreciated the importance of the role real estate could play within his client’s retirement and estate planning needs. Rollin soon became skilled in identifying commercial and residential real estate opportunities to help his clients create items such as increased cash flow, investment diversification, legacy gifting or in some cases, reduce risk. Rollin was later recruited by Wells Fargo were he continued to focus on wealth management strategies with his clients.  Eventually Rollin decided to transition out of wealth management to pursue helping his clients with their banking needs, were he brought with him the desire to be as consultative as possible. Rollin held many roles during his tenure with the bank from product development, program management, learning and development, and treasury management consulting.  Throughout those experiences, he always put the client first. 

During Rollin’s time in the banking and investment industry, he had the chance to work with a variety of property management companies and property owners. During this time period is when Rollin unearthed there was no real passion in the industry and that property management companies viewed the clients as transactional business versus a fiduciary investment relationship.

Over the years, Rollin dealt with unfriendly property management companies and recognized inefficiencies. The passion to provide a service with one objective in mind was evolving. Rollin believes the property management industry is based on the same models and utilize a lot of the same resources but yet, they all say they can do it better than the rest. Rollin acknowledged the only way to be a valuable property manager to an property owner is to be truly fiduciary and simply serve as though 208.properties owned the property themselves. Our clients' interests are prioritized to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship.

The Hawk family. Kevin is pictured with his father Dave and mother Carolyn.

The Hawk family. Kevin is pictured with his father Dave and mother Carolyn.

Kevin Hawk

President, founding partner

Kevin was born and raised here in the Boise area with family ties that span many generations. As the President/Co-Founder of 208.properties, Kevin knew early on he wanted to be a positive influence in the Boise community, as he's seen the Treasure Valley evolve into one of the best places to live. Kevin is the youngest of two sisters and three brothers, which is why Kevin has always been extra competitive and self-motivated. With all Kevin's siblings active in sports, he developed a hungry appetite for perfection and hard work. Kevin's strong values and ethics comes directly from his family upbringing. His parents believe personal success comes from work ethic, passion, dedication, and the mindset to never give up. These values and focus lead Kevin to be the current President of a local nonprofit in Laurel’s Legacy which helps individuals and families who have been impacted by cancer or other life-threatening diseases to help assist in daily living expenses. Kevin also applied the strong values in his younger years to obtain a baseball scholarship at one of the most dominating collegiate baseball programs in the country in Lewis-Clark State College. During Kevin's time there, he played in three NAIA World Series Tournaments and won the Golden Glove Award in 2014.  

After graduating college, Kevin transitioned his work ethic and drive from the baseball field into the business world. Kevin realized early in his career there was an opportunity to provide transparency and better services in an industry that was very transactional. Kevin was asked to manage multiple family owned properties throughout the treasure valley. Kevin's natural strength was in the field doing market analysis, rental trends, and surveying properties to find ways to maximize cash flow on every door rented. He realized real estate is an essential piece to an investor's portfolio. He realized property managers were not consultative.    

After a couple years of working with investment properties, Kevin found himself being invested in his customer's financial success. He wanted to increase his knowledge and ability to help clients in more ways than just their properties. That's when New York Life recruited him. Kevin quickly became a top producer with New York Life in the Idaho region. During his tenure, Kevin noticed a common theme, at each event he hosted or individual consultation he had with clients. While he guided his clients through their insurance and retirement needs, most of them had issues with rental properties. His clients loved the idea of owning investment properties but the day-to-day operations of running rental properties became too much work while those that used property managers at the time never spoke highly of their experiences.

Ultimately, Kevin's love and passion in real estate and property management was calling again.  Kevin appreciates the importance of having real estate as a part of retirement planning, but understands most property managers are not invested in the client.  Kevin collaborated with Rollin to bring 208.properties to the Treasure Valley with the one philosophy and that is honesty first, management second.

Ryan with his wife Katy and daughter Ellie enjoying the Idaho outdoors

Ryan with his wife Katy and daughter Ellie enjoying the Idaho outdoors

Ryan Martinez

operations Director

Ryan was born and raised in the wine country of California where he was taught from a young age to work hard and never stop learning. While Ryan’s main educational focus was in computer science and graphic design in his college years, he strived to learn trade skills in industries that interested him. As Ryan discovered his curiosity to learn specific skills was not just limited to his degree path, he developed a burning desired to pursue multiple disciplines from construction, marketing, web design, videography to list a few.

As Ryan progressed through schooling, he pursued work in the construction industry where he quickly advanced from just a day laborer to project supervisor in only a few years. While being a union carpenter, Ryan understood the seasonality of the industry he was in and wanted to diversify his occupation during winter seasons.  That’s when Ryan reached out to a real estate investor and owner that he had made connections with to maximize the skill set he had gained over the years.  This mutual beneficial relationship proved to be a perfect fit for Ryan and his expertise. At this time Ryan was supervising the operations and maintenance of all the properties in the investor’s portfolio. When the private owner decided to move away from the residential side of property ownership, Ryan spearheaded the renovations and sale of all the properties achieving larger profits than expected by the owner.

While looking into where his next adventure would take him, Ryan and his wife Katy decided they needed to make sure their daughter Ellie would have every opportunity she needed to live a fulfilling life. So, Ryan relocated his family to Boise to enjoy the breath-taking scenery, wonderful people and prominent educational system. Ryan was set on continuing his passion in property management in the Treasure Valley.  Ryan recognized the growing need for quality management in the area and he wanted his 20 years in property management to be utilized to impact the community he and his family called home.  Ryan’s experience and wealth of knowledge in management, construction, marketing, web design, videography was a perfect fit for 208.properties.  Ryan’s ability to demonstrate the companies values and carry out our mission to be the most innovative property management consulting firm in the Treasure Valley is why we are so humbled to have him as one of our leaders.

Kelly and her family camping in Northern Idaho

Kelly and her family camping in Northern Idaho

kelly andree

portfolio manager

Kelly grew up in the Walla Walla Valley on a small farm where she learned responsibility and value of hard work at a young age by tending to the gardens and the variety of animals her family owned over the years.  Over the years Kelly has taken advantage of what the Pacific Northwest offers by moving around in the search of that perfect place to call home.  Kelly decided to visit Boise in 2005 and ended up falling in love with the outdoors and small town feel that was here.  Kelly knew this was where she wanted to settle down and pursue her career and raise her family.  In 2016 Kelly married her love of her life  and together they started raising their three daughters Aubree, Cheyenne, and Katy.  Her family expanded in recent years with the wonderful addition of son-in-law, Chris, and precious granddaughter, Kira.  Kelly’s family loves taking adventures trips all over the Idaho area, such as camping, fishing or just enjoying the local trails on our four wheelers. 

After the move to Boise, Kelly decided to pursue a career in Property Management. She started in Property Management as part of cleaning crews making sure that homes were properly prepared for new tenants.  Kelly ability to understand the importance of delivering quality work allowed her to quickly move into the maintenance side of the business. Soon after getting involved in the maintenance portion of the business she found herself splitting time between working in the field and working in the office learning the operational side of things. Kelly’s ability to find ways to deliver a better product and create efficiencies gave her the opportunity to manager her own portfolio and running the office for 200-300 rental properties.  

Although Kelly was managing a large portfolio she also had the desire to continue to do small renovation jobs in her spare time.  After several years in Property Management and flipping homes Kelly was recruited by start-up company in the treasure valley to be their office manager.  Kelly was supervising and scheduling a team of six members both in the office and in the field.  Kelly’s hard work and focus on providing a top notch product to the end users was infectious in the office.  The success of the start-up resulting in a large corporation buying out the local company.  This was a great opportunity for Kelly, but over a year time period she saw that merging with a larger corporation also meant the small office feel was gone and the ability to make changes needed to continue to deliver a great product to the end users was getting difficult.  

Kelly because part of the 208.properties team in 2019 because of a mutual belief.  We both want to always improve our customer experience and understand that running a efficient maintenance department will positively impact all our owners, investors and tenants.  Kelly’s constant focus on delivering a great product has also allowed her to work on side projects that will improve the overall customer experience with 208.properties. 

Jerry out enjoying his favorite pass time.

Jerry out enjoying his favorite pass time.

Jerry Whitaker

senior Maintenance technician

Jerry was born in Southern California with roots to Idaho dating back to the early 1970s. After high school Jerry attended CMIT, and graduated second in his class. After graduating he started his journey with CNC Machines at Advanced Spine Specialties where he was responsible for programming and set ups. Over a few years Jerry found himself being heavily recruited and chose to move over to Taylor Machine where he built parts for Jet Propulsion Laboratory; which some of the parts went to Mars on “the pathfinder”.

After being burned out in the programming space Jerry moved to Las Vegas  in 2000 where he became a huge NASCAR fan and also designed and patented some inventions. 

Jerry started working in the maintenance field in 2002 with a company, and continued to do maintenance for the same company for 10 years. During the 10 years Jerry built maintenance crews and increased the accounts by providing value on every job.  After working hard Jerry enjoys the outdoors of Idaho, including fishing and camping with his family and dogs.

Jake nuttall

valley market insider contributor / content writer


Jake Nuttall has lived most of his life in the Treasure Valley. After graduating high school in Caldwell, he worked a variety of jobs in a variety of places, from assisted living in Utah to processing salmon in an Alaskan seafood plant. He now attends Boise State University, where he is studying English with an emphasis in writing, rhetoric, and technical communication. He can be found juggling work, school, and getting his two-year-old daughter to take naps. 

Jake started writing for 208.properties during his internship from Boise State University. Jake currently research and writes our weekly content that strives to explore community property management and real estate issues in an informative and engaging manner. Honesty and transparency are values just as vital to writing as they are to property management, and Jake’s partnership with 208.properties brings the Treasure Valley community useful information in a rapidly changing market.