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...investment, not a cost.

By investing in 208.properties owners can expect a higher ROI by streamlining the management process while building equity for our owners. We’ve evaluated the costs traditional property management companies charge and implemented processes to reduce customary costs and related convenience fees. When deciding to use a property management company, one should treat the decision as an investment, not a cost.

Basic services that most property management services include are advertising, conducting showings, screening applicants, providing legal forms, negotiating the lease with tenants, collecting rent, providing statements and coordinating maintenance. These services are usually categorized as “management fees” and you can expect to pay 7-10% of collected rents.  

With 208.properties our owners only pay 5% of the collected rents upon the execution of a lease agreement.  This flat 5% cost applies to all types of properties and owners.  Our property owners don't have to worry about pricing tiers, qualifications matrix or relationship history to obtain a competitive rate. Also our property owners are not assessed a management fee until the property is rented.  For additional details and other costs associated to 208.properties services please contact us.