Client Review Process takes pride in maximizing every square foot of real estate to produce the highest available rent while increasing our clients equity position. Our client review process helps our team build a specific strategy for every property. Our team uses a mix of tools and tactics to help boost value while coordinating all property contracting needs for our clients.



When bringing on a new property, we first assess our owner's immediate and future goals for the property. We then evaluate the property, location and targeted tenants. 

After evaluating key data points, to include and not limited to; property goals, labor costs, material cost, rental trends, and other real estate investments a client may have, we provide a specific strategy to maximize the ROI. 

property renovation, new kitchen, two hands framing in the view of a kitchen reconstruction adding additional value to the home.


After our clients settle on a strategy for their property, we implement and manage the process. oversees any adopted renovation ideas, rental changes, marketing strategies, and applicant selection. works closely with locally trusted and licensed contractors which provides our clients a quick turnaround. The moment the property is ready for occupancy, we execute on the management agreement.

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Our annual client review is essential in maximizing your investment. At the conclusion of every lease agreement, we meet with the property owner to review the asset.  We reevaluate the property strategy in place to make sure the asset is still inline with our clients immediate and future goals. 

This is also a time for the property owner to make improvements if desired or update rents to be competitive with current market trends.