5 Secrets to Make Your Rental Property Standout from the Crowd

Looking for ways to make your home stand out in a crowded list of rental properties? Here are five tips to help your rental property get the attention of your ideal tenants:

Remedy Any Quirks

Does the air conditioner make a loud noise every time it turns on? Do you have a few creaky stairs? Are there occasional leaks when it rains? Thoroughly inspect the property to assess any quirks or potential issues and plan to fix them right away. Solving these problems before you even list your rental will guarantee impressed tenants and a positive reputation for your property.

Install an Alarm

No matter how safe you think your neighborhood is, an alarm system will help potential renters feel even safer. Show potential renters that you value safety and their well-being by taking the extra step of setting up an alarm system.

Touch Up the Kitchen

Did your last renters leave the kitchen in shambles? Is the kitchen outdated and desperate for a remodel? As the heart of any home, the kitchen should never be overlooked. Give it a fresh coat of paint and tend to any areas that need special attention. Here are a few simple ideas for making your kitchen look brand new:

  • Update scratched, beaten down cabinets with new cabinet faces.

  • Replace old flooring with new tile or hardwood flooring.

  • Swap old light fixtures for simple, updated fixtures.

  • Upgrade a leaky faucet with an updated faucet.

  • Replace old countertops with updated countertops.

Add an Extra Bedroom

If you’ve been considering building an addition or converting some extra space into another bedroom, now is the time. Any square footage you can add will help boost the appeal of your rental property, while additional bedrooms and living space will raise the value of your property and the rental income it accrues. 

Refresh Curb Appeal

The exterior of any residence sets the tone for how potential renters will feel about the property when they stop by for a tour, so be sure to make a positive first impression. Give the front door a fresh coat of paint and add a new doormat. Plant some colorful flowers in flower beds or planters. Give the grass a little TLC, pulling any weeds and removing any debris to ensure the yard looks great.

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