How Technology Enhances the Property Management Experience for Landlords

Technology is part of every aspect that touches our everyday lives. There’s no escaping it; we all have mobile phones and computers and a wide range of electronic devices that are pretty intuitive to what we need and want.

Technology is also a very important element in property management. Why? Because it makes processes more efficient and effective. Technology helps us to automate all the processes and procedures involved in the leasing and management of your investment property, and the end result is a service that’s delivered better and with higher ROI.

Innovating the Property Management Industry

We think it’s important to always be moving forward in our personal and our professional lives. To deliver the best Boise property management services, we want to be on top of what has changed and what is new in the technology world.

At, we have manage to innovate faster and with more success than other local property management companies. We have done this by spending over a year and a half doing the best technological research. We spent an entire year looking at, evaluating, and sampling different property management software, APIs, and coding structures. We have practiced how to use Bluetooth and we have taken a strategic and modern approach to website designs and social media platforms.

Through this long but informative process, we have constantly been able to push the envelope in an industry that has been rather slow to understand and maximize technology. In property management and real estate, we are taking a fixed asset and turning it into an e-commerce business for our clients. That is extremely crucial and incredibly profitable in today’s world. You need to have information fast so you can make smart decisions and communicate to multiple audiences quickly.

Putting Property Management Technology to Good Use

At, we do more than just talk and write about technology. We use it to further the investment goals of our clients and to improve rental experience for tenants. With the apps and the portals we’re using on a regular basis, it’s easy to stay on the cutting edge of where the property management industry is moving.

Our online portals are especially useful to all facets of our business. We use owner and tenant portals to handle things like marketing, rental payments, accounting, and maintenance requests. Tenants don’t have to pay rent with a check or call us on the phone during business hours to make a repair request. They can log onto their tenant portal and take care of business. Owners have the same convenience. No longer do you have to wait for rent checks to arrive in the mail; your money is immediately deposited into your bank account. You can view invoices and documents online and check out your accounting statements and reports. Our clients love the technology we have in place, and it’s 100 percent user-friendly.

If you have any additional questions about how we use technology to provide better Boise property management, please feel free to contact us at